Licensed Veterinary Technician

My passion for animals started when I was given a Golden Retriever puppy for my 5th birthday. That began my journey to learn all I could about animal behavior/communication and the bond we share with them. I have trained dogs for over 45 years and competed in obedience, dock diving, agility, and barn hunting.

I started in the Veterinary field in 1997, helping a friend to bathe and groom dogs. I became a kennel assistant, assistant, supervisor/manager. I ultimately achieved my dream when my daughter and I went to college together to obtain our Associate's Degree in Veterinary Technology from San Juan College.

Since becoming a Licenced Veterinary Technician, I have enjoyed creating a happy and positive environment for animals and humans. I am passionate about dentistry, ultrasound, rehabilitation, wound management, behavior/communication, and training.

When not with my work family, I find my happy place being at home with my husband of 32 years, two daughters, two grandchildren, 2 Border Collies, 1 Toy Poodle, 1 Chihuahua, 4 Goldfish, and whatever happens to show up on the farm, or what my husband brings home. You can find me competing or training in various dog sports when I'm not home.  I'm passionate about the Barn Hunt Association. AKC Agility and Obedience, and Dockdogs.