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We are compassionate about the care of the animals!

Welcome to Short Pump’s newest veterinary hospital on West Broad Street. Locally owned and offering same and next business day appointments.

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What makes us different?

Your Pet's New Vet on West Broad Street.

Located in Short Pump, we are loyal to you and look forward to learning more about you and your furry friend. Our veterinary team works with you to find the best solutions and create the best human-animal bond possible.

We do this through compassion, knowledge, transparency, and collaboration. We offer a variety of appointment types. And always to be as stress-free as possible.

  • Traditional, accompanied office appointments
  • Drop off appointments to accommodate busy schedules
  • Emergency and Urgent care
  • Hospitalized care for sick or injured pets
  • Virtual appointments via 24/7/365 Telehelp

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Creating the Best Human-Animal Bond Possible.


Everyone was super nice! Vet and vet tech were both wonderful and very patient with my dog. Highly recommend!


Really impressed with the relaxed but professional atmosphere. Location is super convenient and the staff have been amazing. So glad I made the decision to go with COTA!

Melissa F.

We are so happy we found COTA Veterinary. Dr. Fenton and Dr. Hester have taken excellent care of our German Shepherd Rescue. They are also great with helping you get same day or next day appointments.

Lorri B.

Amazing staff and atmosphere! Glad I moved over to COTA!

Bobby Cross

Dr. Fenton is has been adjusting my agility dogs for years. Like, people, dogs can also be out of alignment and struggle with performance. I am thrilled to follow her to her new offices at COTA, the clinic is absolutely beautiful and the COTA team is top notch.


The ladies (and George) at COTA Veterinary are so fantastic! They saw my little guy Loki and made him feel right at home. I absolutely love talking to everyone over here as their love of animals is so genuine and authentic that I feel fully supported in the care for my new pup.

Loki - BARK! Kevin Garcia

Unbelievably kind staff who takes care of your pet just like you would. They truly care, and put the time and energy into going above and beyond for your animal. The vets themselves are very knowledgeable and finance conscious. Couldn't recommend them more.

Sarah Wenk

COTA is fantastic! My dogs love going there. This is the first vets office that they have been in where they aren't shaking and scared. They get to sit up on the furniture and the exam rooms feel more like a cozy office than a cold metal exam room.

Lauren Siegal

Cota Veterinary, we are pleased with the service they offer, Dr Chelsea Hester and her assistant were outstanding, they worked faithfully on getting a diagnosis on our Kitty Maize May, they were there when we needed their medical knowledge and they were on top of it on a diagnosis.

Susan Masek

I really am glad I took my puppy to COTA veterinary, the technician was very patient and answered all of my concerns, and you can tell they loved animals. I am a 73 year old male that of course thinks he knows everything, but each time I visit COTA I learn something else.

Levi Farmer

Everything we do is for the health and well-being of your pet

We'll take care of your furry friend from their first shots to a lifetime of preventive care. Our specialized services ensure your pet stays healthy and happy because they're also part of the family!

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