Members can speak with a veterinary professional anytime through our 24/7/365 teletriage hotline.

Understanding the importance of your pet's health and behavior concerns, which may arise outside regular clinic hours, we are pleased to enhance our services. Now, you can connect with a licensed veterinarian via video chat or text anytime, anywhere. We've deliberately partnered with an outstanding veterinary team to ensure this. This updated approach to veterinary services, adopting a 24/7 telehealth advice model, helps you receive accurate and prompt information when needed and allows our in-clinic veterinarians the necessary rest and personal time. Such measures ensure our team of doctors is well-rested and ready to offer your pets the highest level of care daily. This strategic partnership and service enhancement provide both reassurance for you and the deserved well-being of our dedicated veterinary team. Learn more about becoming a member on the Membership page!

Are you already a member and need medical guidance after hours? Click HERE to access your portal and speak with a veterinary professional now!

What is Teletriage?  Teletriage is the safe, appropriate, and timely assessment and management (immediate referral to a veterinarian or not) of animal patients via electronic consultation with their owners. In assessing a patient's condition electronically, the assessor determines urgency and the need for immediate referral to a veterinarian based on the owner’s (or responsible party’s) report of history and clinical signs, sometimes supplemented by visual (e.g., photographs, video) information. A diagnosis is not rendered. The essence of teletriage is to make good and safe decisions regarding a patient’s disposition (immediate referral to a veterinarian or not) under conditions of uncertainty and urgency.