We Offer Two Convenient Options For Your Prescription Refill Needs

To have a prescription delivered to your door, click HERE to access our Vetsource Online Pharmacy. Save time and money with COTA Veterinary’s Vetsource online pharmacy! Enjoy competitive prices comparable to Chewy and other online retailers, with exclusive promotions to maximize your savings. Plus, every purchase supports COTA’s mission, helping your local community instead of out-of-town businesses. Shop smart, save more, and support COTA—because your pets deserve the best!

If you prefer to refill your prescription at our hospital, use the form HERE, and a team member will contact you when it is ready.

Nutrition and Pet Pharmacy at COTA Veterinary

Diet and nutrition are two of the most critical aspects of your pet's health, just as they are for your health. To help keep your pet healthy, we maintain a full-service in-house pet pharmacy with an inventory of prescription diets, dietary supplements, and several other nutritional items.

Contact us today at 804-964-2682 if you have questions about your pet's nutrition!

Quality Pet Diets We Recommend

COTA Veterinary carries many of the top brands of quality foods available in the veterinary market, including Royal Canin and Hill's Prescription Diets. You can purchase these at our online store.

Royal Canin Canine and Feline Prescription Diets

Royal Canin has offered highly palatable, science-based, specialized canine and feline diets as a global leader in pet health nutrition since 1968. We are pleased to offer a full line of Royal Canin Canine and Feline Prescription Diets, all made with precision to the unique needs of dogs and cats. Various factors, such as breed, size, age, and lifestyle, are considered when prescribing your pet's diet.

Hill's Prescription Diets

We offer Hill's Prescription Diets if you're looking for a prescription diet focusing on nourishment, quality ingredients, and great taste. The Hill's skilled veterinarians, nutritionists, and food scientists have been creating products designed to improve pet health since 1948.

Can Your Pet Benefit from a Prescription Diet?

This may be a question you've asked about your pet. You want your pet to be as healthy as possible, and so do we. We're happy to work with you to help them live the happy, healthy lives they deserve.  COTA Veterinary offers prescription products that are designed not only for general health but for specific health problems as well, such as:

Urinary health, Diabetes, Obesity, Heart disease, Kidney disease, Dental health, Senior health support, Arthritis/joint pain, Anemia, Surgery recovery, Liver disease, Diarrhea/intestinal upset, Food allergies/intolerance, Skin problems, Pancreatitis, Stress/anxiety

Keep in mind that prescription diets are available only through a veterinarian. Our veterinarians will happily discuss your pet's needs and condition to determine which diet is best for it. Book on-line or Call us at (804) 964-2682 today to schedule an appointment!