Brushing your furry family member’s teeth is important to their overall dental care.  Here are the steps you can follow to brush your pet’s teeth:

  1. Please choose the right toothbrush: Use a toothbrush specifically designed for pets, as their bristles are soft and gentle on their gums and teeth.  Alternatively, you can use a finger brush or a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger.
  2. Please choose the right toothpaste: Never use human toothpaste on your pet, as it contains ingredients that can be harmful to them.  Instead, use toothpaste specifically designed for pets.  These kinds of toothpaste come in flavors that appeal to pets, such as chicken, beef, or fish.
  3. Get your pet comfortable: Before starting to brush, get your pet comfortable by letting them sniff the toothbrush and toothpaste.  Then, gently lift their lip and rub your finger along their teeth and gums to get them used to the sensation.
  4. Start brushing: Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the toothbrush or your finger brush, and start brushing in circular motions along your pet’s teeth and gums.  Be gentle, and don’t forget to brush the back teeth that are most prone to plaque and tartar buildup.
  5. Reward your fluff-ball.  Once you’re done brushing, reward your pet with a treat or some praise.  This will help them associate teeth brushing with a positive experience.

It’s important to note that brushing your pet’s teeth should be done on a regular basis, ideally every day to several times a week.  If your pet is resistant to brushing, you can try using dental treats, water additives, or chews as alternative dental care options.